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Staffordshire Black Ebonising Juice

Reacts chemically with tannin to change the colour of wood at a cellular level.


Although Staffordshire Black Ebonising Juice can, in theory, be used as a standalone product on timber with a naturally-high tannin content, it is strongly recommended to apply it over at least one coat of Staffordshire Black Tannin Juice. This will supercharge the existing tannin content, thereby maximising the effect of the ebonising process.


We're painfully aware that that sounds like sales BS, but it's really not. We just want you to get the most out of your Staffordshire Black!

Ebonising Juice

  • In order to remove solids released during the brewing process, Staffordshire Black Ebonising Juice is filtered no fewer than five times to 20μ - less than one third the thickness of a human hair.

    Available in fully-recyclable 500ml bottles. We use recyclable materials in all of our product packaging and reuse wherever possible because it's the responsible thing to do and it makes us feel all warm and fluffy inside.

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