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Staffordshire Black Tannin Juice Big Bottle

Bottled specifically with big projects and trade users in mind, this 5L bottle of Tannin Juice is indeed a Big Bottle.
Please note that we keep limited stock of these items, simply because of the amount of storage space they take up. Should a bunch of Big Bottle orders all come at once then customers should expect a lead time of up to four weeks, although this will only be in rare circumstances. We won't keep you in the dark about it, though!

Feel free to ask about our stock availability before ordering by emailing


Supercharges the tannin content of wood as part of the ebonising process.
Recommended for use on all wood that is to be ebonised, Staffordshire Black Tannin Juice is essential for timber with a low natural tannin content because without it... nothing will happen.

Big Bottle Tannin Juice

  • UK customers only
    Due to the logistical nightmare of sending large volumes of liquid overseas we currently only offer Staffordshire Black Big Bottles to UK customers.
    If you're still desperate to get your hands on our Big Bottles please email and we'll see if we can work something out.

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